What kind of hair day are you having?

For cancer patients facing hair loss, every day can be a bad hair day. At Hair Matters, we aim to eliminate those bad days.

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Why hair matters

When founder Debby Porter was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44, she relied on the prayer, empathy, and generosity of dear friends and family and the expert care of her medical providers to get her through. However, when she was told that she would lose her hair during treatment, she felt lost. The experience inspired her to create Hair Matters, an organization that focuses on creating a safe, supportive community for those experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment. What started in her hair salon has quickly grown across the state, and Debby hopes to continue to expand to salons across the country, so that every person undergoing cancer treatment has the support and solutions of the Hair Matters Community.

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Debby Porter


Debby Porter is the driving force behind Hair Matters. In 2012, at the age of forty-four, while working as a hair stylist, Debby was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she was told that she would lose her hair, she felt lost. Not knowing where to turn, she realized that many others probably felt the same way. Until this shock was settled for her, she found it very hard to process all that would come next. Hair Matters was born of this need.

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  • Who does Hair Matters serve?

    We serve anyone who has or is going through cancer treatment.

    We are NOT limited to:
    -type of cancer
    -geographical location
    -age, gender, faith, or sexual orientation

  • What does Hair Matters’ services/products cost?

    Hair Matters offers an initial consultation, education, and referral services for a one-time cost of $100. We also help shape a client’s hair for free during the 12 months following treatment as it regrows.

    Additionally, because of our specialized training, we will help select and order wigs, products, and supplies at a lower price than many wig shops or retail locations. We will work with our clients on insurance reimbursement whenever possible. We think creatively about how best to serve those in need and we rely on the kindness and generosity of others to deliver this excellence of care.

  • When was Hair Matters established?

    We began providing services in the fall of 2014 and became registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the spring of 2016. We have served more than 375 individuals to date.

  • Can I donate my hair to Hair Matters?

    Unfortunately, we have paused our hair-donations program until further notice. Head to our Get Involved page to see the different ways you can support Hair Matters.

  • Why are Hair Matters services delivered within the salon?

    We believe that the hair salon is a bastion of comfort for most women. There are pleasing aromas, comforting touches, and nurturing conversations that happen naturally in this setting. When a woman faces sudden hair loss, she often discounts the benefits of being in this supportive environment. Rather than just another “medical” appointment where clients may be expecting to receive painful procedures or discouraging news, we offer a safe haven. Community awareness helps to de-stigmatize baldness when we care for each other in such a public, yet intimate, setting.

  • How is Hair Matters funded?

    Hair Matters is a grassroots organization, driven by volunteers and funded by individual donations, small corporate sponsorships, crowdsourcing, and fundraising initiatives. We are currently pursuing grant and endowment opportunities so that we can duplicate and expand services nationwide. We are driven by the personal relationships that are developed between stylist and client.

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Hear From Our Community

This salon is fantastic! My mom came here with a friend to get a wig because radiation treatments caused half of her hair to fall out. She had wonderful things to say about the place and people who work here. It wasn't until I brought my mom back in for adjustments that I realized how great this place really was! The lady (Debby) who helped her was so nice and definitely helped my mom feel more like herself! Thank you so much!

- Kyle

Having cancer is such a scary thing. The thoughts of losing one's hair are devastating at my age. If not for you taking the time to talk with me and giving me a short haircut, showing me pictures and taking me through your journey and your cancer, I don't think I could have gotten through it. You gave me strength and the courage to shave my head when the time came.

- Julie

…The love and care that Debby brought to my cousin Amy (who was so ill with Pancreatic Cancer) was over-whelming to us all. Even though Amy did not win her battle, and we still mourn the loss of her, we will never forget what Debby did for her that day. You're a great woman Debby Porter!

- Cindy Beth

The work you do is amazing and your compassionate heart could not get any bigger. Combining your talents as a hairdresser with the fight you had with breast cancer to help others is a godsend. You fight cancer every day for so many. God love you Debby. I do.

- Anonymous

I met with Debby today for the first time since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer...We talked for almost an hour and when I left my spirit was so uplifted! Her genuine care and concern for others shines throughout her...God Bless you, Debby

- Kathie

Debby just helped my Mom out with her impending hair loss due to chemotherapy. She is very thoughtful and thorough, and Mom is very appreciative of all of her help, words, and suggestions.

- Christina

Debby Porter is an inspiring woman! I will be forever grateful for her help and the wigs I received. The world needs more people like her! Thank you again and again!!!

- Nicole

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Peace of mind

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Hair Matters offers avenue for women who face hair loss to build confidence.

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