Using accessories to honor your style.

Choose the Journey That's Right for You

Included in consultation cost.
You may choose to be fitted for a wig, or you may not. It is entirely up to you! The only RIGHT way for you to navigate this journey is YOUR way. You will never feel pressured to cut your hair, clipper cut, or wear a wig if that is not your choice. We think you are beautiful and so are your decisions.

Honoring your style

At Hair Matters, we want to honor your unique style. We can share information about perhaps getting a henna “crown,” wearing a cotton cap, and/or layering them with headbands generously donated by Mexacali Blues or gently worn scarves provided by the regal women who have gone before you! We talk about earrings, hats, headbands and “having you covered” from every angle. You can look through Debby’s personalized photo album to help you conceptualize your look(s) and timeline.

Access to low-cost solutions

You will receive all of your supplies in a Hair Matters reusable tote. You will have access to donated, hand crafted hats, beanies, headbands, and wig care products, free-of-cost, whenever available. There will also be products and supplies for sale at participating Hair Matters locations. We offer the most effective, lowest cost supplies for sale when indicated, ie., wig caps, adhesives, wet brushes, shampoos/conditioners, etc.

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