Hair Matter provides a variety of services that address your hair and skin needs, regardless of what stage you’re at in your treatment.


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Every Hair Matters service involves a blend of listening and honoring each individual’s unique experience. Generous amounts of emotional support, empathy, and hands on cosmetology consultation are the cornerstones of this revolutionary care. Whether you’re newly diagnosed and awaiting treatment, are in the middle of treatment, or have already finished, Hair Matters can work with you to come up with the hair loss solution that works best for you. Maybe it’s a wig, maybe it’s accessorizing with different headpieces, or maybe, you just need to talk with a professional about what to expect from your hair and skin during treatment. Whatever it is, Hair Matters and our community are here for you.

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Hair Matters currently has several locations around Maine, with plans to continue expanding to different hair salons across the country. To find the Hair Matters partner salon nearest to you, jump to our Locations page.

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This salon is fantastic! My mom came here with a friend to get a wig because radiation treatments caused half of her hair to fall out. She had wonderful things to say about the place and people who work here. It wasn't until I brought my mom back in for adjustments that I realized how great this place really was! The lady (Debby) who helped her was so nice and definitely helped my mom feel more like herself! Thank you so much!

- Kyle

Having cancer is such a scary thing. The thoughts of losing one's hair are devastating at my age. If not for you taking the time to talk with me and giving me a short haircut, showing me pictures and taking me through your journey and your cancer, I don't think I could have gotten through it. You gave me strength and the courage to shave my head when the time came.

- Julie

…The love and care that Debby brought to my cousin Amy (who was so ill with Pancreatic Cancer) was over-whelming to us all. Even though Amy did not win her battle, and we still mourn the loss of her, we will never forget what Debby did for her that day. You're a great woman Debby Porter!

- Cindy Beth

The work you do is amazing and your compassionate heart could not get any bigger. Combining your talents as a hairdresser with the fight you had with breast cancer to help others is a godsend. You fight cancer every day for so many. God love you Debby. I do.

- Anonymous

I met with Debby today for the first time since being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer...We talked for almost an hour and when I left my spirit was so uplifted! Her genuine care and concern for others shines throughout her...God Bless you, Debby

- Kathie

Debby just helped my Mom out with her impending hair loss due to chemotherapy. She is very thoughtful and thorough, and Mom is very appreciative of all of her help, words, and suggestions.

- Christina

Debby Porter is an inspiring woman! I will be forever grateful for her help and the wigs I received. The world needs more people like her! Thank you again and again!!!

- Nicole

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