Wig Fitting

At Hair Matters, we specialize in creating comfortable and personalized wig fitting experiences.

Finding the perfect solution for you.

Included in the consultation cost.
Should you choose to wear a wig or cranial prosthetic we offer several avenues. Each HM Salon houses approximately 50 lightly worn, refurbished wigs of various colors, lengths, styles and sizes. Should we find items that work for you, they will be offered to you at a much reduced cost (below MSRP).

We know wigs.

In addition, we work with multiple state-of-the-art wig retailers. We will take the appropriate cranial measurements to ensure proper fit and order placement. We are familiar with the differing wig constructions available from various manufacturers, and will discuss with you the pros and cons of choosing synthetic versus human hair wigs. We will comb through catalogues together to match you with the best products for your needs. We will show you various wig constructions and have you try on samples so you can become accustomed to the look and feel of a wig or hairpiece.

A hairpiece that fits your unique lifestyle.

We’ll also perform a thorough color analysis, taking into account complexion changes as well as seasonal considerations. Face shape, personal style and lifestyle all play a major factor in the best fitting solution. We talk about the unique construction of your wig, ensuring that it feels secure and has a natural looking placement from every angle. We make sure you can work comfortably with your wig or hairpiece at home so that “YOU ARE WEARING THE WIG AND THE WIG IS NOT WEARING YOU!” As licensed and specifically trained cosmetologists, each stylist is able to shape, customize and texturize your wig as part of the fitting process to make it look as natural as possible.

Maximum self-expression.

We know this time can be very stressful and we seek to minimize the wait time and have resources on hand BEFORE you notice hair loss. This will give you time to practice and become comfortable with your plan. Sometimes, with enough notice, we can color and/or shape your natural hair to match the wig you plan to wear for a seamless transition! Some clients chose more than one wig and begin to build a “wig wardrobe” for maximum self-expression!

Here’s what to expect.

We will discuss your unique financial considerations and the specific cost of your order. If agreed, we will place your order and call you for your fitting once the wig has arrived to check the fit and make adjustments as needed. By ordering through Hair Matters, we offer a vital refund or replacement safety net if your order is not what you expect. We can exchange or return items making this process hassle free. In most cases, your wig will arrive within 5 business days.

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